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The ADVETO ECDIS-4000 is based on IMO requirements and more than 20 years of experience with innumerable users around the globe. ECDIS-4000 offers any navigator a user-friendly, costeffective solution with unique functionalities for precision navigation of professional vessels with ECDIS and ENCs. DNV-certified to comply with all relevant regulations and standards for use onboard SOLAS vessels and High Speed Crafts.

ECDIS-4000 system comprises the following equipment:

Computer-unit with ECDIS-4000 software loaded.
Hatteland HTC01 with SSD Solid State Disk for reliable operation and long lifetime.

Monitor 19, 20 or 23 inch
Hatteland JH 19 (or 20 or 23) T14 MMD-AA1-A0BA

Keyboard with integrated Trackball
Cherry G84-5400 or CKS 96T – OEM

SCU (Sensor Connection Unit)
Placed where the sensors and cables are with a LAN connection to the Computer

Optional Trackball
Mouse-Trak, B9PIND

Optional ECDISControl unit
For remote quick, safe and easy selection of navigation functions

Optional ECDIS Securety Intenet Gate (ESIG)
Allowing the ECDIS to be connected to internet for both online ordering and download of charts from PRIMAR

ECDIS-Backup system
A dual installation of ECDIS-4000 fulfils the requirements to sail “paperless”
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