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Designed and developed on the long tradition of SAILOR VHFs, Thrane & Thrane is proud to introduce the new SAILOR RT5022 VHF DSC. The new SAILOR RT5022 is a serious and reliable choice for the professional seaman, fulfilling and even exceeding GMDSS requirements.

Replay incoming calls

As the first VHF ever, the SAILOR RT5022 can store and replay incoming calls. The bridge being a busy and sometimes noisy place, this facility increases the safety at sea as a missed message just can be heard again.

Two displays, separate menus

The display and menus have been separated into two with the main VHF functions shown in a 7-segment display and the DSC functions and settings shown in a graphic LCD display. The graphic display can reset to sleep mode when not used. In this way the night vision is not disturbed. The 7-segment display is clearly readable at a distance and from even very wide angles. Both displays have text and indicators lit in red, which does not disturb the night vision.

The basic system

The SAILOR RT5022 includes:

  • A very powerful transmitter
  • A very sensitive and accurate receiver
  • A built-in loudspeaker

The new SAILOR HS5001 Handset is standard. This new handset is designed to fit perfectly in your hand, has a high sound quality.


  • Replay function (last 90 seconds of receiving)
  • 7-segment display for primary functions
  • Graphical display with sleep mode for secondary functions
  • All text and indicators in displays are red for improved night vision
  • Display with Marine AR anti reflection filter
  • Efficient dimming of displays
  • Powerful built-in 5W loudspeaker
  • Ergonomic handset
  • Easy to use, intuitive menus
    • Scroll function
    • Quick selection function
  • Alarm muting button
  • Large tactile buttons
  • Tactile knobs for volume and squelch
  • Squelch settings for individual channels
  • Built-in DSC Class A
  • 25 to 1 watt switch button
  • Dual watch
  • Scanning
  • Flexible installations with bracket and flush mount
  • Address book: 200 addresses for vessels and coast stations
  • Up to two Semi-intelligent Control Units can be connected


  • SAILOR CU5000 Semi-intelligent Control Unit
  • SAILOR N163S, Power Supply, 110/230V AC to 24V DC

GMDSS configuration examples

  • Sea area A2
  • Sea area A3 TLX/C
  • Sea area A3 C/C
  • Sea area A4 TLX/C

Revolutionary full two-way communication at sea

The SAILOR RT5020 VHF DSC Duplex is the completion of the new revolutionary VHF DSC GMDSS Class A program from Thrane & Thrane. It offers full two-way duplex communication and it allows you to repeat incoming voice at the push of a button.

The SAILOR RT5020 VHF DSC Duplex is a state-of-the-art reliable communications tool for the professional mariner at sea. it is easy to operate and provides powerful and clear audio.

As the World first, the SAILOR RT5020 VHF DSC Duplex features the patented Replay function for improved communication and safety at sea. Push the replay button and the SAILOR RT5020 VHF DSC Duplex will replay the important messages taht you may just have missed.

Features rebust and compact design for flexible installation. Can be remote operated from i.e. bridge wings via the external waterproof CU5000 Control Unit.


  • Full duplex communication
  • Replay function (last 90 seconds of received voice data)
  • 7-segment display for primary functions
  • Graphical display with sleep mode for secondary functions
  • All text and indicators in displays are red for improved night vision
  • Display with Marine AR anti-reflection filter
  • Efficient dimming of displays
  • Powerful built-in 5W loudspeaker
  • Easy to use, intuitive menu structure
  • Scroll function
  • Quick selection function
  • Alarm mute button
  • Large tactile buttons
  • Tactile knobs for volume and squelch control
  • 25 to 1 watt switch button
  • Built-in Class A
  • Dual watch
  • Scanning
  • Flexible installations with bracket and7or flush mounting
  • Address book: 200 DSC addresses for vessel and coast stations
  • Up to two semi-intelligent control units can be connect


  • SAILOR CU5000, External semi-intelligent Control Unit
  • SAILOR N163S, Power Supply, 110/230V AC to 24V DC, 7A
SAILOR 6200 VHF Series

Get a trusted SAILOR on board

The SAILOR 6210 VHF, SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D, and SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D are the first in a series of new generation SAILOR VHF.

These new VHFs are specially designed and developed for the Fishing and Work Boat segments, offering all the strong features and performance expected from a SAILOR VHF.

The new SAILOR VHF systems stand out from the crowd due to their high build quality, operation and performance. They offer the same rugged feel of previous generations and are designed with ease-of-use in mind, so the SAILOR 6210 VHF, SAILOR 6215 VHF DSC Class D and the SAILOR 6216 VHF DSC Class D for the US market belong at the helm of any vessel crewed by professionals.


  • Replay function to listen to the message again
  • Large easy to read display with red backlight to protect night vision
  • Waterproof to both IPx8 (submersible) and IPx6 (spray)
  • Powerful loudspeaker 8W
  • Large tacktile buttons
  • Detachable handmicrophone/handset
  • Ribbed grip
  • Front and rear connection of Handmicrophone and handset
  • SAILOR 6222 VHF

    The new SAILOR 6222 VHF is the professional’s choice for everyday communications. As the latest in our line of world-class, all-weather VHF radios, we have drawn upon decades of experience to provide the perfect blend of functionality and usability to ensure that your crew remains in constant contact, no matter what the conditions.

    Reliable and robust, the SAILOR 6222’s highly durable design enables it to weather any climate and a wide range of new features facilitates everyday use, such as a high quality loudspeaker and handset options, an intuitive user interface with a backlit screen, a powerful transceiver and unique remote management capabilities.

    Easy to install as part of an integrated GMDSS console or as a standalone VHF, the SAILOR 6222 VHF keeps your crew efficient and safe and your vessel compliant with international regulations.


  • Unique SAILOR Relay (240 sec.) of incoming communication
  • High quality display – perfect night and day vision
  • Powerful 6W loudspeaker
  • Intuitive and easy to operate menu structure
  • Large tactile buttons and wheelknobs for easy operation
  • The popular and reliable SAILOR handset
  • ThraneLINK
  • VHF - GX600 Marine Transceiver

    The GME Electrophone GX600 is our latest marine VHF transceiver. Designed and built in our Gladesville factory in Sydney, it represents the latest in performance and manufacturing techniques.

    The GX600 offers a range of advanced features in a compact waterproof case. Standard features include programmable channel scanning, both Dual watch and Triple Watch functions, and two user programmable channel memories.

    The GX600 is designed to compliment the GME GR100 AM/FM radio in size and design providing a symetrical fitout to any vessel's instrument panel.

    The GX600's rugged diecast powder coated chassis and waterproof case seals ensure maximum protection from the harsh marine environment and the slim design will suit almost every installation requirement.


    • Full VHF channel coverage of all Australian, New Zealand, International, USA and Canadian VHF marine channels.
    • Selectable HIGH/LOW transmit power, 25 Watt / 1 Watt.
    • Dual Watch and Triple Watch Functions with programmable Priority channel.
    • Programmable Channel Scanning.
    • Two working channel memories.
    • Adjustable digital Squelch
    • Backlit tri-colour LCD Display with adjustable brightness.
    • 10 Private channels available (for approved safety organisations).
    • Powerful Front Mounted Speaker.
    • Instant Emergency Channel 16 Selector.
    • Transmitter Time-Out Timer.
    • Weather resistant housing and microphone.
    • USA Weather Channel
    SAILOR 6248 VHF

    The new Thrane & Thrane SAILOR 6248 VHF continues the SAILOR tradition of setting new standards for VHF design. A vital and reliable tool for daily operation, it has been developed for the harsh maritime environment as a part of the SAILOR 6000 series. It is based on the same foundation of high reliability, ease-of-use and leading-edge functionality that has positioned SAILOR as the frontrunner in maritime VHF radios.

    The SAILOR 6248 VHF is the perfect communication partner in your daily work.

    The SAILOR 6248 VHF is rated waterproof to both IPx6 and IPx8, making it possible to install on open workboats or outside deck areas.


    • High performance Rx/Tx
    • Powerful 6W loudspeaker
    • Professional, high-quality SAILOR Handsets
    • Intuitive and easy operation
    • Unique SAILOR Replay function – playback the last 240 sec.
    • Large tactile buttons and dials for easy operation
    • ThraneLINK for easy integration and maintenance
    STR 6000A VHF DSC


    • Includes all channels specified in ITU-RR(NOAA Weather channel)
    • DUAL/TRIPLE WATCH function and TAG SCAN function built-in.
    • 20 MMSI number in 2 groups-MMSI number save, edition and call function.
    • Latitude/Longitude display function when connected with GPS.
    • Over 160 characters can be seen in one large LCD.
    • Priority selection of Ch.16 and adoption of noise free mic.
    • Compact & light design for any-where installation.


    • TX Frequency : 151.000~159.150MHz
    • RX Frequency : 151.000~163.275MHz
    • Communication Mode : Simplex and Semi-Duplex
    • Channel Number
    • : 183 channels (ITU 55, USA 57, CAN 61, WEA 10)
    • Private Channel : 760 channels
    • Type of Emission : FM(16K0G3E), DSC(16K0G2B)
    • Freq. Stability : ±10 ppm(-20℃ ~ +60℃)
    • Antenna Impedance : 50?
    • Consumed Currency (13.6V)
    • : TX high 5.5A max Max. Audio 1.5A max
    • Power Supply
    • - DC 24V (DC 18 ~ 31.2V)
    • - AC 100 ~ 120V, AC 200 ~ 240V


  • Transceiver Unit(STR-6000A)
  • Hand MIC(SM-6000)
  • Speaker (SS-6000)
  • Installation Material
  • Instruction Manual OPTION
  • Whip Antenna (SAN-150)
  • Power Supply (SP-580AD)
  • Bracket for Flushing Type(SMB-60)
  • Printer(DPU-414)
  • Configuration:


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