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Cascade Weir System

The Cascade is an adjustable weir skimmer designed to be particularly effective in large oil spills when a high oil recovery rate is required. It is capable of handling a wide range of oil viscosities.

The system has a floating circular weir device with an on-board hydraulically driven positive displacement Pump. A remote control console allows the operator to optimise skimmer recovery by varying the pump speed and hydraulically adjusting the depth of the weir relative to the oil thickness.

Key features and benefits

  • The fluid recovery rate of the Vikoma Cascade is up to 183m3/hr.
  • The Pump is particularly adept at handling highly viscous fluids and solids of up to 30mm diameter.
  • It has been proven to be highly efficient in aggressive environments and capable of long maintenance-free operation and dry running for protracted periods.
  • The Cascade's arms are hinged and can be folded for transport or containerisation.
  • Two Cascade skimmers meet a Tier 1 response requirement under OPA '90.
  • The unique discharge outlet and hose float assembly, which reduces hose drag and ensures stability, means that the Cascade can operate very effectively from a vessel in a towed array at speeds of up to 2 knots.
  • A 6 inch nominal bore discharge hole allows for the easy discharge of higher viscosity oils.