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Weir Delta Skimmer

The 5027 Brake Caliper is the flag ship of the Kobelt die - cast brake caliper series. It combines all the latest technology in design and manufacture. Like all the foregoing calipers, it has patented features such as balancing links, adjustment shims to fit between the shoe and the shoe bearing and patented actuators. Again, its compact design makes it a very powerful brake caliper for its size. This brake caliper shares all its components parts, except for shoe and lever, with our Model 5024. As before, the air applied actuators have two supply ports per actuator. In most cases only one of these ports is needed to be connected to the control line

The diaphragm actuator is virtually friction free and is therefore extremely quick in response. In fact, even a 1/10 psi change in air pressure will make a noticeable difference to the braking torque. The maximum supply pressure to the caliper should not exceed 100 psi (6.9 bar). Our standard 2 x 4 series brake disc from 30 to 50 inches range can be used with this caliper..