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Dispersant Systems-TC3

The TC3 system is a dispersant system, which is designed to be slung beneath a helicopter. It consists of a 910 litre (210 gallon) dispersant hopper, pump, spray arms, sling assembly and spreader bar and control module. During operation, the unit can be flown at speeds of up to 85 knots, increasing to 120 knots during transit. The TC3's innovative design offers excellent directional stability during flight.

Key features and benefits

  • No modifications to the helicopter are required, as the TC3 can be operated completely independently via a control system located inside the aircraft.
  • The unit can operate at a minimum height of 10 metres, allowing a small area of coverage to be achieved, and therefore increasing efficiency.
  • The system can be set up, ready to operate, in 5 minutes, making it ideal for use in rapid response.
  • The independent control system is operated from within the helicopter.
  • The spray width of the system can be altered by the control module depending on the area of coverage required.
  • In the unlikely event of an emergency, the unit can be dropped by the pilot from inside the aircraft by releasing it from the helicopter cargo hook.
  • The TC3 is classed as an under-slung load. It does not require approval or certification from the Civil Aircraft Association (CAA).
  • The system employs an air cooled diesel engine, which is safer to operate than a petrol engine.
  • A level switch shuts the engine down when the hopper is empty. A light in the control module alerts the pilot when re-filling is required