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Shoreguardian Boom

Shoreguardian boom offers superb beach sealing capability for protection of beaches, marshes and intertidal zones. The stable triple tube design maintains freeboard and seal on land. With it's flexible water ballasted design seals even an irregular terrain and also provides excellent transition from beach or land to water. It can be used with other booms to provide continuous protection in coastal waters.


Shoreguardian boom is available in neoprene or polyurethane material, both options are highly durable and resistant to UV and hydrocarbons.

  • The standard interface between the metal connecting plates and the fabric is achieved without the use of bolts or rivets. This results in a stronger boom.
  • Due to the flexibility, the air inflation pressure required is only 0.3psi. This, coupled with the neutral water ballast, results in a highly flexible boom.
  • The two water filled tubes are connected by a vertical reinforced perforated membrane. This acts as a tension member and allows movement of the water between the two tubes. This prevents the boom from rolling when grounded and results in excellent sealing abilities.
  • The interface between the boom material and the marine grade aluminium connecting plate is achieved without puncturing the material thus ensuring boom integrity.