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Vikoma has designed and developed the Viko Pump specifically for use in the oil spill recovery and associated industry markets. It is a robust and versatile positive displacement pump, which is available in a range of capacities (5m3/hr to 200m3/hr). They can be supplied as trolley mounted, skid mounted or floating versions. The drive can be electric, hydraulic or diesel.

The Viko Pump can be used to transfer a wide range of liquids, including very high viscosities, and can therefore be used in a variety of applications. This includes, among others, ship to ship, pipeline and transfer to temporary storage. The hydraulically driven version of the Viko Pump can be used in submersible and 'down-hole' applications.

Key features and benefits

  • Simple and robust design ensures longevity and low maintenance.
  • The Viko Pump is capable of dry running for long periods.
  • The Viko Pump can self-prime and can 'lift' up to 8m.
  • The pump has the ability to handle suspended solids and debris.
  • The pump capacity does not deteriorate on higher viscosity product.
  • The Viko Pump chassis is manufactured in a weight saving alloy.
  • Maintenance is quick, easy and inexpensive to carry out.
  • Low power requirement
  • True positive displacement pump
  • Slow speed operation - kind to product