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The Startank is a temporary storage tank supported by an external tubular frame. It is available in either neoprene or polyurethane material. The frame is constructed from robust marine grade aluminium tubing, which joins together using quick connecting couplings.

The capacity of Startanks are up to 15m3.

StarTanks are typically used in oil recovery, oil/water separation, effluent containment, fire fighting, pressure washing and general water storage situations.

Key features and benefits

  • The StarTank is easy to erect because of the simple framework with no tools required.
  • Typical assembly time is less than 10 minutes.
  • The Startank can be used under hostile climatic conditions.
  • The Startank's stable base offers excellent resistance to winds and adverse weather conditions.
  • The Startank can be supplied with an optional discharge valve assembly to facility easy draining.
  • The Startank is ideally suited for the temporary storage of large volumes of oil recovered during oil spill clean-up operations. Alternatively, it can be used for the permanent storage of water and other liquids.