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Vikospray 1000

The Vikospray 1000 unit is designed for use as a portable, lightweight oil dispersant sprayer. The system consists of a diesel engine, a self-priming pump, a liquid jet pump and a manifold, all mounted on a skid frame. The system is also supplied with four lances and hoses.

Key features and benefits

  • The system is lightweight, allowing for easy transportation and manual positioning.
  • The Vikospray 1000 can be used to distribute either concentrate or dilute dispersants.
  • The pump unit has a self-priming pump and uses a liquid jet pump to achieve the required seawater/chemical mix.
  • The Vikospray 1000 is supplied with 4 spray lances, allowing up to four operators to utilize a single system.
  • Each lance is fitted with 10 metres of chemical resistant hose and has a heavy duty, impact resistant spray gun.
  • Individual flows to lances are controlled by valves located at the outlet manifold.