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OPRS 300

The OPRS Skimmer is a very versatile floating skimmer head, of metal and GRP construction. Its design has been optimized to recover the complete range of oil viscosities. The patented Vikoma multi bank oleophilic ‘Tufted’ discs allow the recovery of light, medium and heavy oils, the forward disc bank also incorporates a brushed conveyor belt which increases the oil viscosity recovery range to very heavy oils and grease.The skimmer is ideally suited to offshore ocean environments using thrusters to give excellent manoeuvrability and positioning. Independent controls for the 3 multi disc banks and the automatically adjusted discharge pump allow flexibility of recovery rates, giving the ability to maximize the recovery rates in a variety of conditions and scenarios. All operational functions of the skimmer are controlled from a single handheld remote control unit allowing the operator to be optimally positioned.Recovery rates of up to 300m3/hour. Efficiency of oil pickup typically 95%.

Handling System

Contained within a 20’ shipping container footprint, the specifically designed handling system contains the reel for storage and deployment of the umbilical, skimmer storage space and the diesel power pack to supply all hydraulic power required to run the entire system.With a slew of 200 degrees, equal around the centre line, and a lift of 2.4m – 6m the handling system ensures that the skimmer can be deployed and recovered in almost any operational situation.


The 60m umbilical contains all services required for skimmer operation. Contained within a 100% vulcanized continuous length with two plies of reinforcement to improve tear resistance.The umbilical cover is independent of the internal foam flotation material which allows the cover to absorb blows/strikes/abrasion without being punctured.Due to the measures outlined above a service life of 4-5 years is typical in normal operating conditions.

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